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In recent decades the aerospace industry has been under increased  budgetary pressure.  To compensate,  flight operations, the last stage of the mission lifecycle, has been significantly impacted.  Reduced staff and automated systems have lowered costs, but have also affected  intangibles such as risk, visibility and quality.


Astrofrontiers, Inc. offers low-cost tools and system infrastructure to provide the timely and detailed insight into spacecraft operations that once required a full staff of engineers and and expensive telemetry systems.

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CASSIE™ is a telemetry system infrastructure that can be used in stand-alone applications, deployed on remote computers, embedded in small appliances or part of large, data fusion systems.


Dependency or Self-sufficiency?


In recent years the industry has moved to shrink-wrapped, per-seat, ultra-low cost COTS solutions.  Only a handful of vendors have the ability to support this business model thus choice and innovation are limited.  Further, additional licenses and annual renewals quickly add up to undermine the initial budgetary attraction of the COTS approach.


Astrofrontiers can provide a mission or Value Added Reseller the code base to control their own destiny without the hidden costs of per-seat licensing and expensive support contracts.